Posture problems

Poor posture can be the result of many factors. Below we explore some of the more common problems that can lead to poor posture:

fhp-thumbForward Head Posture
Forward Head Posture (FHP) can be recognised by the positioning of the ear being forward of the shoulder,
rather than sitting directly over it…more >

pelvis-forward-thumbPelvis Forward (increased lordosis)
Most problems related to lordosis occur when the normal lordotic curve or sway is lost. This results in poor posture and a forward tilt of the pelvis…more >

round-shoulders-thumbRound Shoulders
It’s estimated that up to 73% of the population are affected by ‘round shoulder’ posture and a common complaint resulting from this condition is an increased incidence of pain between the shoulder blades…more >

slouch-thumbSlouching & Dowager’s Hump (increased kyphosis)
A common symptom for patients with an abnormal curve of the spine at the neck (increased kyphosis) is the appearance of poor posture with a hump appearance of the back, or of slouching…more >

unevenhips-thumbUneven Hips
Uneven Hips affects the pelvic, lumbar and thoracic areas of your spine…more >

Exercises to improve posture >